Best Way To Fix Vlc Fullscreen Ads On Taskbar

If you have vlc fullscreen ads on your taskbar, this article should help you.

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    With VLC Media Player open, click the Tools menu, then Preferences.In this interface menu, clear the Show Controls in Full Screen check box.Click “Save” to save your changes.The toolbar is no longer displayed in full screen mode.

    taskbar shows in full screen vlc

    This is driving me crazy. It started out of nowhere, maybe a month ago. When I try to watch a video in full screen, the windows taskbar always shows .

    at the bottom

    The direct way to get it is to restart Windows Explorer on the computer from the administrative tasks section. But it looks like I’ll have to reconsider this idea after a while, even if I don’t have a reboot.

    taskbar shows in full screen vlc

    The DPI setting on some properties compatibility tab including the VLC executable is a lot more options I’ve tried but they didn’t work additionally.

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  • By searching the web, I found that many other users are experiencing this issue as well. Decided to give it a try, maybe someone else knows how to make it better forever.

    Edit: I should first Checking out this reddit because I found out that another person had the exact same problem and pressing the Windows key on the keyboard usually results in full screen mode. However, another option that fixes the problem permanently is preferable.

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  • Vlc Player

    I’m not sure if this is a Windows Ten issue or a VLC player issue, so I’m almost certainly asking the question listed here.
    I have several computers, and on each of them, when I launch the VLC full screen player on all computers except one, the taskbar should not be visible. But it should be visible on one. As far as I know they are all set up the same and I don’t know where the lie lies. It seems that in every taskbar the top one is related to fullscreen, the other side which is behind vlc. Does anyone know what is my problem?

  • It’s infull screen mode. But for some reason the taskbar is available on a particular PC and not on other PCs. I’m quite confused with the postman. Works on two computers, not on the third.

  • I think an overview of how resolution is set on each machine. In general, a new link is preferable.

  • No, unfortunately this is not a solution at all. I don’t know why, but the taskbar stays on the top VLC with the player on the same PC. It hides part of the network. I tried uninstalling VLC from all the machines that worked fine against each other just because all the settings were reset, but I couldn’t fix the new problem. However, I’m starting to think this is a Windows problem, not VLC.

    – – – Updated — – – This is –

    Correction! wasproblem with VLC. I don’t know how I fixed it, but it’s missing. LOL!

    – color=”silver”>

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