Steps To Get Rid Of Showmails Error Problem

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    If you have a showmails error on your system, I hope this guide will help you fix it.

    CALL ShowSevereError(“Building reflection material not found” &

    //TRIM(Construct(ConstrNum)%Name)// &

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  • ‘, not enough material =’ &


    This code segment generates (with the right conditions) a message in the form of an error file:

    **Warning** No matching material found for construct XYZ, missing material=ABC

    ShowContinueError is used in conjunction with ShowSevereError or ShowWarningError. The characters “~” represent the sequence:

    **Disclaimer** Total number of floors, walls, roofs and interior floor planes in ZONE ONE

    ** ~ ** is definitely < 6. This may lead to inaccurate calculation of heat balance by zones.

    showmails error

    **Warning** No floors in ZONE ONE

    **Warning** Surfaces in a zone mean that “ZONE ONE” does not define a solid body.

    ** ~ ** Number of surfaces <= documents in this area. See Figure Application of Reciprocity

    ShowContinueError is especially useful because some of them are related to previous routines that generate withpublic error message as a dietary supplement for error reporting. For your specific situation, see the sample code, usually in the ValidateComponent code snippet above. Please note that ShowContinueError should be used with ShowFatalError as this will cause the program to terminate immediately. Instead, use the Severe-Continue-Fatal order.

    Each GetInput procedure takes care of validating its input. However, instead of ending with the first false value, it’s better to have some “ErrorsFound” logic directly, which can be set to true for error problems while processing the main procedure, so that it is at the end of the actual GetInput procedure. . Of course, the conditions must also be visualized and, if necessary, suppressed by the simulation. Try to give the user as much information as possible with a series of calls to the error handling routine.

    A fairly complex message, most likely created by concatenation. These calculations can also be used to obtain numerical fields by writing numeric variables to a string variable, although this is not very convenient.

    A good use of the actual ContinueErrorTimeStamp dilemma as well as “counting” is shown below:

    CINerrCount1 = CINerrCount1+1



    CALL ShowWarningError(‘ElectricChillerModel: Air Cooled’// &

    showmails error

    “Condenser inlet temperature shown here as 0 C”)

    CALL ShowContinueErrorTimeStamp(‘OutDoor Dry Bulb =’// &


    IF (MOD(CIERrCount1,50) means = 0), THEN

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