Kernel Patch Notes Make Menuconfig Oldconfig

This article is meant to help you when you get the make menuconfig oldconfig kernel error.

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    make oldconfig handles the modern kernel configuration in a . config and update it to this new kernel version. It does this by printing out all configuration factors and providing a response to those elements if the option is already enabled in the configuration file.

    As Ignacio mentioned, it updates your .config after updating the kernel source, e.g. in git pull.

  • You may have already added new options or removed old ones

  • The Kconfig kernel configuration format has the following options:

  • assume each other select
  • depends on implies another depends
  • These relationships between parameters make it even more difficult to define information configurations.



    Now manually edit the extended .config file to emulate and run a proper kernel update:

    Create old configuration
    1. Lines similar to Type:

      kernel make menuconfig oldconfig

      #CONFIG_XXX set

      may not be a simple comment, but actually indicates that the parameter is not set.

      For example, if we remove the line:

      #CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO not defined

      and run make oldconfig, it will ask us:

      Compiles user kernel with debug information (DEBUG_INFO) [N/A/?] (NEW)

      When the situation is resolved, the .config submission will be updated. you

      If you change a character in a string, for example, what might #CONFIG_DEBUG_INFOdoesn’t matter.

    2. Linetype:


      #Config_xxx considered set?

      is always used with the negation property though:


      is also understood in relation to negation.

      kernel make menuconfig oldconfig

      For example, if you #CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO are not set or answer:

      Compile kernel with critical debug information (DEBUG_INFO) [N/A/?] (NEW)

      with N the output file should contain:

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    #CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO is never set



    Even if we manually set the line to:


    and run make oldconfig, you will see that the then line is replaced with:

    #CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO not defined

    disregarding oldconfig us.

  • Configurations with unmet dependencies do not appear in the specific .config file. Everyone is like that.

    What is make Savedefconfig?

    make saveefconfig minifies the saved defconfig and ignores redundant configurations implied by others.

    For example:


    and hurry Oldconfig to do. It currently asks us: DEBUG_INFO_REDUCED, DEBUG_INFO_SPLIT etc. configuration.

    These resources were not previously shown in defconfig.

    If we look in lib/Kconfig.debug where they are defined, we make sure they depend on DEBUG_INFO:

    DEBUG_INFO_REDUCED configuration    bool "minimize debug info"    depends on DEBUG_INFO

    So when DEBUG_INFO was disabled, clients were not shown consistently.

  • Configurations selected when activating configurations are automatically activated without user-specified search.

    For example, if CONFIG_X86=y but we remove the line:



    What is make Mrproper?

    The build mrproper command removes all formats left over from previous kernel versions into a new source directory. NOTE. He also destroys all babies. configuration files for your home directory. You then need to name your kernel by cutting and editing the makefile located in your search directory.

    and make oldconfig will rebuild the string without asking, unlike DEBUG_INFO.

    This is what arch/x86/Kconfig contains:

    X86 configuration    def_bool    [...]    Select ARCH_MIGHT_HAVE_PC_PARPORT

    and choose if you want this option to be true. See also:

  • Configuration restrictions are encouraged exactly where they are violated.

    For example, defconfig defined:


    If some of us are editing:


    and run make oldconfig, it will ask us:

    DrevovSingle hierarchical RCU fanout store (RCU_FANOUT) [32] (NEW)

    This is because RCU_FANOUT is specific to init/Kconfig, for example:

    config RCU_FANOUT    int "Hierarchical RCU branch value based on tree"    Length 2 64 if 64 bits    Zone 2 32 as !64BIT

    So without 64BIT the maximum value would indeed be 32, but we specified 64 in .config , which would probably make it incompatible. Old defconfig

  • make sets a per-system default without looking interactively. It runs quickly with make to make sure .config is consistent if you manually edit it like we did. See also:

    make alldefconfig is make olddefconfig but it also allows the configuration to merge the snippet. This target is used by the merge_config package:

    And if you want to automate your .Modification, config, it's not that easy: how does your company enable the functions of the f Linux kernel .config file in a non-interactive way?

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    What Can I Do To Avoid This In The Future?

    What does make config?

    Create targets that can create configuration menus from kernel options like make menuconfig , view those files extracted to create a tree structure. Each directory in the new kernel has a kconfig that wraps around the kconfig files to ensure they are subdirectories.

    If you are alone, for example at home, you have the option to run a virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

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