Troubleshooting Tips For Sharing Your Contact List In Windows Live Mail

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    In recent days, some of our readers have encountered an error while sharing their contact list in Windows Live Mail. This issue occurs for a number of reasons. We will review them below.

    Can the Windows Live Mail program that comes preinstalled on each of our computers send email to a group instead of to itself? If so, how do I set it up?
    E n Cowan

    There are several ways to send email to another group of people directly from Windows Live Mail. A not-so-simple method call where each time you compose a newly found message, the addresses are added one by one to the cc or bcc articles; This is described in the section Ways to send email to different recipients.

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  • However, a more elegant approach is to create a group in any Windows Contact, which is both an investment and time consuming to place and organize contact information. But almost never. If you already have most or all of your contact information in Windows Contacts, you’re most likely halfway there already!

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    Create A Group In Windows Contacts

    How do I send a contact list in Windows Live Mail?

    Open Windows Live Mail.Select “Contacts” at the bottom left (or press CTRL+3).On this ribbon (Home tab), click Export.Select the correct file format from the navigation dropdown (I suggest option a):Click Browse and then select the folder where you want to store your contacts.Enter a name for the file, then click Save.

    I’m assuming that the Windows Contacts app on your computer has recently saved the contact information of friends, family, colleagues, etc. This is a large group of unorganized data. What we need to do is to create a collection – groups of contacts based on certain criteria. It helps ussend an email to a cool group without having to enter specific addresses. Let’s see how to do it in Windows Live Mail.

    1. Launch Windows Live Mail on your computer and click Go -> Contacts. Do not go to the menu bar, I would say above, please read How to protect yourself from problems with the Windows Live Mail toolbar – [slide 1].
    2. A list of these contacts should appear on the appropriate screen – assuming some of them are under your control. Otherwise, you basically need to populate Windows Contacts with the details (name, email address, zip code, etc.) of the people you’re corresponding with, and then return to this page – [Slide 2].
    3. To send a good email to a group, you need to group it. You can manage your Windows contacts using categories. Click “File” -> “Add Category” – [Slide 3].
    4. A small pop-up window will open at the top. Give Windows a name in the Contacts category. It can be anything… preferably a descriptive tag – [Slide 4].
    5. Now click on contactsin the list below to add them to this category. If you accidentally add the wrong session, you can delete it by going through it again – [Slide 5].
    6. When you’re done, click the Save button. Awesome! Windows will set the contact category – [Slide 6].
    7. The new course you created will be listed on the left panel – [Slide 7].
    8. To send an email to this team (to all the people created for you in a category), open a new information window and enter the name of the section in the “To:” field – [slide 8].
    9. The category name is preceded by a plus sign. Be sure to write the email as usual and try to send it to everyone in this group – [Slide 9].

    You can have as many groups as you want in Windows Contacts, and yes, the same person can be a member of multiple groups. For example, someone who usually sits in the next cubicle in their office might belong to both the Colleagues selection group and the Friends group.

    how to share contact list in windows live mail

    November 16, 2010 Jerry wrote: “Sending to groups on Live Mail (Windows 7) cannot work for more than 24 unique addresses.” not right. No matter how long it is reasonable , I think the number of people owners can send a group email to depends on the products and services. For example, the new Hotmail client can only send messages to people; 10 Read the Hotmail email handle to learn more.

    How do I export a contact group from Windows Live Mail?

    Open Windows Contacts by simply clicking the Start button, selecting All Programs, and then going to Windows Contacts. B. Just click “Export” on the toolbar, then click “Format CSV”. CSV (Comma Separated Values).

    This free mail article shows you how to create contact groups or mailing lists to distribute in Windows Live Mail. If you regularly send emails to the same groups of people, Group contact allows you to send a call to a group of contacts created by selecting a group of contacts as a machine: instead of entering the email addresses of all recipients, just enter a few letters in the contact field in advance and select the recipient , just like any email address.

    Create A New Contact Group In Windows Live Mail

    What is a share list?


    Outlook Express and Windows Mail respectively use Windows Contacts (Vista) or Windows Address Book (XP) in the marketplace to store contacts. Windows Live Mail uses its own address book created by Live “Windows Contacts”. All contacts saved using Windows Live Mail are savedXia here.

    To expand Windows Live Contacts, click the Manage Book icon in the lower right corner of the main Windows Live Mail window, or use the following shortcut on your laptop:

    how to share contact list in windows live mail

    Advice. Press Ctrl+Shift+C to quickly access the Windows Live Contacts window.

    In Windows Live Contacts, create a new contact group by clicking New and selecting Group. You can click the “Create a new host” button located in the lower left corner of the panel that displays all your company’s contacts:

    How to export contacts from Windows Live Mail to Outlook?

    How to export contacts from Windows Live Mail to Outlook. Manually launch the Windows Live Mail application and click the Contacts folder. Alternatively, click on the “Export” option and then select “Comma Separated Rates (.CSV)”. A CSV export window may appear, click Browse, then select the Desktop folder.

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