Recycle Bin Renaming Issues In Windows XP Should Be Fixed.

Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have come across a familiar error message when renaming the recycle bin in Windows XP. This issue occurs due to several factors. Now we will discuss them.

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    Right-click the trash can icon on your desktop, select “Rename” and rename it as you wish.

    1. Click Start Run.
    2. Type regedit and > press Enter.
    3. Open the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder.
    4. Open the CLSID folder.
    5. Open the folder 645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E.
    6. Open the ShellFolder.
    7. Change the attribute data value from 40010020 to 50010020. Done,
    8. Set the value of the CallForAttributes double word once to 0x00000000 (double-click and change the acknowledge value to 0). You must change the two main values ​​of these values ​​for the specific rename option to appear.

    By following the steps above, you can rename an icon type just like any other icon. Right-click on the trash can icon on this desktop, select “Rename” and rename the following as desired.

    This quick tutorial explains how to rename the Recycle Bin you see to “Recycle Bin” in WinXP. For those who are connected with us and want to set up a real desktop environment.

    Step 1

    To rename the Recycle Bin on Windows XP, create a new text.txt file in the previousrevered directory and add the lines once:


    Step 2

    Then, rename the file extension from .txt to .reg – most of the other parts of the filename can be whatever you want (for example, RecycleBin.reg). Then double-click the file to use Windows to import it into the registry. Now right click on your trash and use the new solution to rename it.

    Congratulations, you just renamed my WinXP Recycle Bin. I would like to rename mine in the same way to something simpler like “Trash” or “Hole” or whatever.

    Restore Bypass Names

    To remove the rename feature from the recycle bin, copy the same file you originally created and replace the last selection (i.e. the third line) with the following:


    Jeff StarWindows XP에서 Recycle Can 이름 바꾸기 문제가 수정되어야 합니다.
    Les Problèmes De Renommage De La Corbeille Dans Windows XP Doivent être Résolus.
    Проблемы с переименованием корзины в Windows XP должны быть устранены.
    Problemen Met Het Hernoemen Van De Prullenbak In Windows XP Moeten Worden Opgelost.
    I Problemi Di Ridenominazione Di Recycle Possono Essere Risolti In Windows XP.
    Deberían Solucionarse Los Problemas De Cambio De Nombre De La Papelera De Reciclaje En Windows XP.
    Os Problemas De Renomeação Da Lixeira Apenas No Windows XP Devem Ser Corrigidos.
    Probleme Mit Der Umbenennung Des Papierkorbs In Windows XP Sollten Behoben Werden.
    Problemy Ze Zmianą Nazwy Kosza W Systemie Windows XP Powinny Zostać Naprawione.
    Problem Med Att Byta Namn På Papperskorgen Genom Att Använda Windows XP Bör åtgärdas.

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