Solutions For Getting Page Context From Servlet

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    Over the past few days, some readers have come across a known error message when getting page context from a servlet. This issue occurs due to a number of factors. Let’s discuss some of them below. The PageContext instance is obtained through the JSP implementation class by making phone calls to the JspFactory. getPageContext() and will be sure to be freed by the JspFactory call. Release_page_context(). An example of how PageContext, JspFactory, in combination with other classes, can be used on a JSP page implementation object is no doubt given elsewhere.

    get pagecontext from servlet

    Does anyone know a way to get a jspcontext reference from a servlet?

    How can I get PageContext in JSP?

    getAttribute(“GeeksforGeeks”, PageContext.REQUEST_CONTEXT);getAttribute(“GeeksforGeeks”, PageContext.PAGE_CONTEXT);getAttribute(“GeeksforGeeks”, PageContext.APPLICATION_CONTEXT);

    I have a nice servlet that is being passed to a JSP and I want to set some PageContext variables in the servlet so that they are ready to be used and displayed in the JSP.

    Wanted 21 Aug. 2012 at 13:54


    What are the implicit objects in JSP?

    Implicit JSP objects are a type of Java objects that a JSP container exposes to developers almost on the page, and developers can call them all directly without being explicitly declared. Implicit JSP objects are also called predefined variables.


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  • Let me see if I understand correctly: you want to be able to call the JSP from any type of servlet, and expose some variables (which happened to be under the control of the generic servlets) to the JSP. Forgotten, right?

    then through PageContext it is only identified for JSP pages and cannot be called from a servlet. Any attribute you set in the context of creating a request or session servlet will eventually be available in the JSP. PageContext is a larger scope than your previous ones, and it results from working with the findAttribute method, which on the second call finds the attribute using the name specified in the page frame, the request , session, or servlet circumstance (in that order).

    What is PageContext in Servlet?

    PageContext extends JspContext to provide meaningful information useful when using JSP technology in a servlet environment. The PageContext instance provides access to all namespaces associated with the JSP page, providedGives access to several attributes of the WWW page and a wrapper over implementation details.

    So the only thing you need is to define those elements as attributes in one of those separate scopes, I would suggest using
    get pagecontext from servlet

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