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    The next day, Hutch and Windows meet Bottler while searching and inform him that Linus is almost certainly dying of cancer. Doctors see that he can live for about four months; The first episode is only six years away. At the market, Bottler decides to go through with his plan to make amends with his former best friend.

    Who plays Hutch in Fanboys?

    The Star Wars van character Hutch (Dan Fogler) lives in his mother’s “motorhome” (in his case, a warehouse of melodies and graces). The person in charge (Sam Huntington) is expected to take over the running of the family through the same dealership.

    Fanboys Normal is a 2009 American comedy film starring Kyle Newman and SamHuntington, Chris Marquette, Dan Fogler, Jay and Baruchel Kristen Bell. It was probably released in the US after February 6, 2009 and in Canada on April 3, 2009[2]


    fanboys character bios

    In 1998, Eric Bottler reunites with his former classmates Linus, Hutch, Windows and Zoe for a Halloween party. Now a car salesman at his father’s car dealership, Bottler discovers that his family members have not matured since he became a grandfather, although they all share a genuine love for Star Wars. The group is looking forward to the final film, Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Linus proposes to Bottler, and he infiltrates the Skywalker Ranch to steal the film’s draft, a baby shot from which Bottler shoots.

    Did George Lucas approve Fanboys?

    Development. George Lucas got a preview of the real movie. He appreciated it and taught him his “seal of approval”.

    The next day, Hutch and then Windows Bottler meet at work and receive a call that Linus is dying, including from cancer. Doctors estimated he had about four months to live; Episode I appears in the sixth. In order to make up with his former good friend, Bottler decides to carry out his plan. On the way to the Leader of the Rogues, the Windows girl, toKnowing how to get to the ranch, Hutch makes a detour to fight the real Trekky, Admiral Sischoltz. When our van breaks down, the boys stumble upon a gay biker bar. After refusing to pay for drinks, people are forced to undress. When things go awry, they are rescued by a man known as “Chief” who fixes their van when they pass out after planning a peyote and guacamole meal. He gives As Linus a parting gift for each bag.

    In Texas, Windows will be horrified to learn that Rogue Leader is considered a 10-year-old girl. Your uncle Harry Beets knows Windows. After imagining their situation, Harry interrogates them to prove they are real fans, but gives them information about one involving his contacts in Las Vegas. Along the way, they are discovered for escaping from a police car or SUV, and for possessing peyote. Zoe comes to her aid and insists on accompanying her. Bottler is unlikely to go any further when the Calculator gives his father an ultimatum, but the others convince him of the importance of finding them. In Las Vegas, Hutch and Windows try to have sex with girls while Bottler and Goh Linus meet contact Harry. They are surprised that his contact is probably William Shatner. As they leave, these guys are attacked by Ande Seesholtz, these friends of Trekka who attended the big Star Trek convention. Hutch and then Windows run away from the angry pimp after learning that they are dating Damen, Escort and Windows, and Windows finds out that Zoe is in love with him.

    The club eludes Linus’ opponents, but is almost certainly injured in the process. When he is sent to the hospital, the doctor states that he must return home for health reasons. When the whole group feels like the situation is hopeless, Bottler encourages them to keep going if you want to remind them how much Star Wars means to them. The group enters the hospital and eventually arrives at the Skywalker Ranch. Shortly after they enter directly into the ranch and admire the typical collection of props, fancy costumes, and fancy dress, they are spotted by security forces and arrested after a brief chase. The head of security announces them overmoving death when George de Lucas himself calls him. Lucas says that he will drop all charges if he can be proven that men and women are “fans”. The five are interviewed alone, including questions about the opposite sex that only Zoya can answer. After the security chief confirms that the companies are fans, Lucas drops all charges. Knowing Linus’ concerns, Lucas allows him to sit and watch a movie alone while his friends wait outside. After the film ends, Bottler reunites with his friends around the campfire and rekindles his friendship with Linus. A few weeks later, Linus dies from an illness.

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  • Bottler, Windows and Zoe emerge from the tent in this special, looking forward to the premiere of Episode I. Bottler followed his and Linus’s dream of becoming Hutch’s comic book artist, starting his own retail business, and Windows and Zoe dating. Hutch comes to the theater with bootleg beer he’s carrying and they use it to drink to Linus’ memory. Before the film begins, Bottler comments: “What if the fightingik – sucks?


  • Jay Baruchel as Windows
  • Dan Fogler as Harold “Hutch” Hutchinson
  • Sam Huntington as Eric Bottler
  • Chris Marquette as Linus
  • Kristen Bell as Zoe
  • David Denman as Chaz
  • Christopher McDonald as Big Chuck
  • Billy Dee Williams as Judge Reinhold
  • Danny Trejo – Chef
  • Ethan Suplee from Harry Knowles
  • Seth Rogen as Admiral Sischolz/Alien/Trakan
  • Isaac Kappi for Sparkle[3]
  • There are many appearances related to Star Wars and other sci-fi/cult films, including Fisher, Carrie Jason Mewes, Kevin Smith, Jaime King, Danny McBride, Ray Park, Craig Robinson, Joe Lo Truglio and Lou Taylor Pucci, Will Forte, and William Shatner. As Puck, they will act as a guard at Skywalker Ranch, saying “It’s time to cripple someone, boy” as the guy pulls out two clubs in response to Windows threatening him with a toy lightsaber.

    fanboys character bios

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