How Can I Fix DirectX Profiler?

This guide is meant to help you when you receive a directx Profiler error code.

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    GPUView (GPUView.exe) is a development tool for measuring design processor (GPU) and CPU performance. It still rates performance in terms of direct memory access (DMA) buffering schemes and all other video processing on video hardware.

    This shows how to measure many of the most important overnight performance metrics for the directx application using the XPerf and GPUView tools currently included with the Windows Performance Toolkit. This is not a comprehensive guide to learning about devices, but rather their specific application to learning about the performance of DirectX applications. Although most of the methods described here are necessary for all applicationsth DirectX, it will be the most important applications that will benefit from using swap lines, not DirectX applications based on XAML animations and SIS/VSIS and XAML. We’ll walk you through the main productivity features, walk you through how to purchase and install each tool, get performance metrics, and then analyze them to identify bottlenecks in your application.


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  • XPerf is a set of operational analysis tools based on event tracing for Windows (ETW) that allows you to measure and analyze the performance of programs and applications, as well as resource usage, in detail. Since Windows 8, this command set tool has a graphical user interface and is called Windows Performance Recorder (WPR) and Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA). For more information on these resources, visit the Windows Performance Toolkit (WPT) search engine page: Windows Performance Toolkit.

    ETW collects kernel event broadcasts and stores them directly in an ETL (Event Tiny Log) file. These coKernel views provide detailed information about the software and system properties while the application is running. Data is collected by turning on trace collection, running the desired simple script to be analyzed, and stopping this collection, saving the data via an ETL file. You can analyze the file both on the same machine and on another machine using the xperf.Or exe command line tool, usually the xperfview.exe visual trace analyzer.

    GPU Preview

    GPUView is a development tool that measures graphics processing unit (GPU) and processor performance. It provides memory access (DMA) processing performance and buffers all other video processing on the underlying video hardware.

    For DirectX applications that rely heavily on the GPU, GPUView is often a powerful tool for understanding the exact relationship between the work being viewed and the CPU and GPU. For more answers to questions about GPUView, see Using GPUView.

    Similar to XPerf, ETW tracing is first performed by starting a tracing service, minimizing it by running an exercise script that requires analysis related to the application in question, stopping the service, and storing the information in an ETL file. GPUView presents its data present in the ETL document in a graphical format.

    After installing this GPUView tool, we often recommend that you read the GPUView Home Screen section in the GPUView Help. It contains useful information on how best to interpret the GPUView UI.

    Installing These Tools

    XPerf and GPUView are versions of the Windows Toolkit All Round (WPT).

    XPerf is part of what I would say is the Windows Software Development Kit (sdk) for Windows. Download the Windows SDK.

    directx profiler

    GPUView is included in the Windows Assessment and Kit (Windows ADK) deployment. Download most Windows ADKs.

    After installation, these directories containing the XPerf GPUView must be added in conjunction with the Path system variable.

    Click the Start button and type System Variables. The system properties window opens. Click “Edit System Pers””Changeable Environments”. “Environment Naming Variables” in the System Properties dialog box. “Path” The variable will probably be in the “System Variables” section. Mount each directory containing xperf.exe and GPUView.exe to get the path. These executables can be found in the Windows the Performance Toolkit list in Windows the Kits. Unpaid Location: C:Program Files (x86)Windows Kits10Windows Performance Toolkit.

    Runtime Measurement

    Many people expect great apps to run smoothly and respond to user feedback. However, depending on the desired scenario, one aspect of performance can be much more important than another. For example, in order to get information through a reader application running on a touchpad, it is very important to be able to view only one article at a time and therefore view/zoom/scroll the same article and/or another. In this experiment, the ability to fully reproduce the contents of each frame is not common. However, it is very important that you can smoothly navigate through the current article with a single gesture.

    OthersAn example is a game or application that streams a video with a lot of animation errors when dropping frames. In any case, the ability to display content on the screen without being interrupted by user actions is absolutely essential.

    directx profiler

    In order to understand which part of the entire application is problematic, the very first step is to identify the most important scenarios. Once you fully understand the basic aspects of the Verizon app and how to troubleshoot them, troubleshooting systems becomes easier.

    Some of the most common performance metrics:

    Start Time

    Time is measured from the start of the process to the appearance of the base presentation on the screen. This measurement is most useful when the procedure is hot, which means that the measurement will almost certainly be taken after the application has started, preferably several times.

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