How To Fix Error When Creating A Bootable USB Drive With Multiple ISO Files

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    If you see multiple ISO errors on your PC while creating a bootable USB drive, check out the suggested fixes. it is allowed to run several programs from one device. ISO files can be copied to most devices and run directly without downloading them first. Several tricks are available, but not all of them are applicable to ISO images.

    Multiboot flash drive

    This post will show you five different applications that you can use to create a multi-boot USB drive. Anyone can burn multiple Linux distribution ISOs to a USB drive, and almost anyone can even burn those Windows Linux iso images to the same USB drive. These 10 apps are:

    1. SARDU MultiBoot DVD & USB Creator
    2. Multiboot USB
    3. Multisystem
    4. YUMI (your universal Multiboot installer)
    5. winsetupfromusb

    If a company has created a bootable USB drive using another tool, it is recommended that you reformat the USB drive to FAT32 or NTFS before using the tools mentioned in this article.


    1. MultiBoot USB, Sardu And DVD Creator

    SARDU is a free software application that you can try to create a multi-boot USB drive and DVD.

  • Works on Linux and Windows.
  • You can create a bootable USB drive containing both ISO images and Linux OS images (Windows 7, 8 and 10)
  • Miscellaneousfigurative ISO images that can be downloaded directly from the SARDU application.
  • You can add additional ISO images to the USB drive, which will destroy the previous ISO images on the entire USB drive.
  • Supports persistent files for Linux distributions
  • It can also be used to burn various ISO images available on the market to DVD. like
  • Supports BIOS as well as UEFI and even the best firmwares.
  • Check USB with QEMU.
  • SARDU uses our default syslinux bootloader, but can still be linked to the grub2 version feature)
  • SARDU Linux Premium does not support Windows ISO images. Add the Windows ISO to a bootable research USB stick, you should be using Windows versions of some SARDU. Constantly
  • The information function may interfere with the program when used in the Linux version. The Windows version works fine.
  • SARDU is a portable application. To use SARDU, go to the appropriate download page and download the Linux or Windows version, depending on your operating system. I downloaded the version for Linux.

    Once downloaded, open the file advisor and navigate to the website directory. Extract the gzip archive.

    How do I make a bootable USB using multiple ISO?

    To create a multiboot USB key, you must first use your USB key. Then button click “discover disks” in Multibootusb and select the partition on the whole flash drive and then select another ISO-distribution image on linux hard drive. After that, you can also specify the file size in a permanent way.

    Go to this extracted directory simply and double click the sardu_3 binary. The software must be running.

    Then you are prompted to create an account. Registered users must download the updated ISO images from the SARDU database. If you prefer to use your own ISO files, thinking they are downloaded, select No.

    Can I make a bootable USB drive from an ISO image?

    Select your USB drive section in “Device”. Select “Create bootable disk using” and our “ISO Image” option respectively. Right-click the new CD icon and select the ISO file. In the New Volume Name section, anyone can enter any name for your USB drive.

    4 categories of ISO images created on the left sidebar

  • Antivirus
  • Utility
  • Linux distribution
  • Windows
  • For example, you can click this penguin symbol, then right-click the operating system name and select View ISO. This allows you to select a new iso image of a really reliable disk.

    After that, enable the username of the operating system to write the ISO image to the USB flash drive.

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  • You will be asked if your company also needs permanent activation files. I noticed that if I select “Yes”, the program stops respondingso I choose “No”.

    create usb boot disk multiple iso

    Then you can use to continue this process with another Linux in your daily life. Once all Linux distributions have been selected, plug the USB flash drive into the USB drive and click the USB icon in the top right corner to detect and select the USB flash drive.

    This whole process may take some time if your company has selected multiple ISO images.

    How do I create a multi OS bootable USB using Rufus?

    First step: open and connect rufus all your USB dongles to your computer. 2: Step rufus will automatically find your USB drive. Click “Device” and click select the desired USB drive from the drop-down menu. Step 3: Make sure the boot selection option is set to “Disk with ISO image”, then click “Select”.

    To transfer Windows Windows 7, 8, or Windows 10 ISO images to a Flare USB key, you must use the appropriate version of Windows SARDU. Click the “In windows” icon on the left sidebar and select the item from the “From” list first. Select the path, you can check its name.

    Please note that if your computer is running UEFI firmware, you must enable very old BIOS support in order for your computer to boot from the SARDU USB drive. can be seen As from the screenshot below, I can boot Windows Linux ISOs or from the SARDU boot menu.

    2. MultibootUSB

    MultiBootUSB is an advanced cross-platform application for installing/removing operating systems on linux on a single USB drive .

  • Works on Linux and Windows.
  • Free with and open source. under Released under the General Public License (GPL).
  • You can also add additional ISO images to your own USB drive by destroying the non-ISO images of previous styles on the USB drive. You can remove the ISO image
  • our bootable USB drive.
  • Syslinux is the standard bootloader used to boot a USB drive. The drive can also be associated with GRUB2 depending on whether you are using UEFI firmware or not. Both
  • Supports UEFI and BIOS firmware.
  • Supports permanent files related to Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora based distributions.
  • Test the QEMU USB plus iso image with.
  • Has a command line interface. Should
  • They burn ISO images that essentially turn your USB drive into a USB drive.
  • It does not support burning Windows ISO images to a USB drive.
  • To work with multibootusb, go to the official Grab page and select the installation container according to your operating system.users

  • Debian and Ubuntu EndpointsRemove the package .deb.Fedora,
  • select Redhat, OpenSUSE user from package .rpm.Users
  • Today, Windows selects the package .exe.
  • create usb boot disk multiple iso

    After downloading, unlock the file manager and navigate to the download directory to install the package. He

    Once installed, open its menu from within your application. To create a multi-boot specific USB drive, first insert your USB drive. Then press Den

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