Easy Way To Fix Sis Certificate Errors

In recent days, some of our readers have encountered a sis certificate error. This problem can occur for a number of reasons. We will discuss this below.

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    Hey guys

    Merry Christmas!

    Simply download Qt 4.7 for many Symbian^3 from http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Qt_4.7_for_Symbian^3_-_developer_version

    When I try to install qt_4_7_0_opengl.SIS and qtwebkit_2_1.SIS from my N8

    Expired certificate: error above,

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  • If you’re not sure anymore, do you know why? Thank you!

  • Have a valid certificate on these devices, I know you must have a valid certificate

  • Where and/or how can I view and get certified?

  • I set the installation options to content=”” , allowed all programs to be installed, and disabled online certificate verification.

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    I had a lot of time in this situation, changing the date worked like magic hard, I just managed to push the change date back a few years and I submitted a request and did our change date again.
    If you google, I think you will get almost every post about it. That’s how I found this technique.
    But I’m not only 100% sure that it works with Qt as well

  • Thank you, Immy!! Works after reset this time!

  • Symbian (Symbian 9 and later) comes with a platform protection module that only allows verified content to be installed. This means that the actual SIS file must be (Symbian Authorized Signed) and that certificate has an expiration date. Therefore, in most cases, the changethe agreed delivery date will solve the problem. In any case, it is considered very strange that the certification of these comparative novelties has expired.

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  • [quote author=”Milot Shala” date=”1293324627″]Weird behaviour, I tested it on my Nokia N8, if you didn’t change anything it worked fine so I reverted back to Qt 4.6 due to production use. testing a few.[/quote]

    Yes, I also like that the certificate doesn’t expire. Large device date and time may not be correct.

  • [quote author=”QtK” date=”1293355555″]
    [Quoted by Schal” author=”Milot date=”1293324627″] Strange behavior, I tested it on my Nokia N8 without changing anything, it worked fine, although I went back to Qt 4.6 to test form submission in production.[/quote ]

    Yes, I also think that the certificate shouldn’t expire. The date and time may not be correct for the device type.

    Yes, I think I had the same problem, but I don’t remember exactly.

    Can the author advertise this as [SOLVED], so it will be much easier to see if the problem is solved and therefore people will know about it?

  • If the topic is closed. We won’t know if the specific issue is related to the date of the certificate or the wrong date on the device.

    Perhaps we should wait for Chang to confirm what the problem was, David. And then administrators can close this topic.

  • certificate error sis

    [quote component=”post/content” author=”QtK” date=”1293356040″]If the topic is closed now. It does not matter if the problem is related to the compilation of the certificate or the wrong date on the gadget.

    Perhaps, David, we should wait until Chang confirms what the problem was. And then the admins can close this thread.[/quote]

    What does a CLOSED topic usually mean? Does this mean that this topic can no longer be answered or will it be deleted??

  • [quote author=”Immii” date=”1293383306″]what does topic CLOSED actually mean? Does this mean that you probably won’t reply meaningfully to this thread or it will be deleted??[/quote]

    This probably means that if you reply to this thread, you have the option of not getting points for it… 🙂 No, just kidding. I’m also interested in exactly what a home address means and how it’s regulated (which could easily happen if I didn’t read the pinning rules carefully enough).

  • Content=”2010-12-26T18:16:00
    certificate error sis

    [quote author=”Immii” date=”1293383306″]What does the topic CLOSED mean? Does this mean no one else can reply to this thread alone, or is it likely to be deleted??[/quote]

    No one can post comments in a CLOSED topic. This can be fixed by the forum administrators. It is usually used relentlessly when the discussion is too off topic or the situation escalates.

    Marking a topic as solved is just an addition to the topic’s topic. The original author (or moderator of this forum) may change this. This usually indicates that the question can be answered adequately. This does not mean at all that other conversations are prohibited. It’s also not best practice: although the problem is solved, the discussion can lead to even more important decisions.

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